E22: Empowering Leaders to Peak Prosperity With Christopher

Christopher has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. He has a special passion for empowering and serving business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales executives, coaches, authors, speakers, and others, taking their businesses and their lives to peak prosperity!  What I love most about Chris is how he is paying it forward, taking the lessons he’s learned and applied from overcoming adversity and is helping others achieve their greatness.

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E21: Leading From the Front With Robby Dinero

Robby's 14 years of experience in the Marine Corps has strengthened his character, his will to win, and his ability to dominate his space. We discuss the roots and growth of his CrossFit facility, Athletes Unleashed, and his leadership training.  

Robby is built on his character. His grit. His no BS attitude and especially his heart. Learn how he makes people "Hard To Kill" in this action-packed episode of MIKEDUP!


E20: Maximizing Your Sales Revenue With Tony Watson

Tony Watson, President of WNY Sales Solutions powered by Sales Xceleration, is a passionate, energetic sales leader with more than 25 years of experience driving and increasing sales revenue.  He has a proven track record for developing top-performing teams and has built, mentored and led large action-oriented sales teams managing over $200 million in annual revenue.

E19: Delivering Convenience At Your Gate With PJ Mastracchio

PJ has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, NY Times, LA Times, USA Today and The TODAY Show. He is the Founder and CEO of AtYourGate, a delivery app for airport passengers, flight crews, and employees; delivering food right to your gate! 

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